Our process is automated which keeps the price low for you. Unfortunately, as a result, we do not have the ability to cancel orders. 

Why Not?

Your photo starts printing/shipping automatically after you submit your order so we cannot cancel or stop the process. 

- You submit your order

- It starts getting printed right away

- The app tells you that orders cannot be cancelled or refunded before you place your order. See the screen shot below on the iPhone version.

Our goal is to get your photos to you as fast as possible and keep our price low. To do that, the process is automated. As soon as you submit your order, it starts getting processed right away so we are unable to stop it. That's why we have several checks in the app to make sure the photo is ready (for example, you were required to click "Yes, Approve" that the photo meets passport agency requirements". When you are choosing a quantity, there is a note "Orders cannot be cancelled". 

Apologies for any inconvenience.